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Well now, anyone who is too observant for their own good will have noticed I’ve created a new page on my website called NEWS (managed to lose links to my Twitter, FB and Insta feeds in the low-tech process, but that is another story…).

My plan is to drop updates re my career as an author under this tab  – an area that will hopefully grow thick and fast over the coming years.

As anyone who knows me from FB will already know,  I’ve signed a 3-book deal with Printz Publishing for the publication of my HALLEHOLM series here in Sweden. Printz (part of the Norstedts Group) is a fabulous company specialising in Intelligent FeelGood in Swedish, and I couldn’t be prouder or happier to be counted as one of their authors. Nor could I have been given a warmer welcome (or a cooler glass of champagne 🥂) when we sealed the deal. 

Publication of the first HALLEHOLM book is planned for 2020, with the following two books being released in 2021 and 2022. 

Now Printz, of course, will be publishing my novels in Swedish. But I’m equally proud and happy to tell you that I’ve also signed a worldwide agent representation agreement with Norstedts Agency. This means, good folk, that the wonderful souls at Norstedts will endeavour to drum up interest in my books among publishing houses outside Sweden.  (On a serious note: I have total faith in them and plan to work my derrière off to live up to their faith in me.)

And if you want to know how everything goes, this is the page to follow.

So cheers and here’s to all of you! Watson waves a paw. He’s threatening to write a new blog soon, but we’ll see!

Thanks for all the love and support.


Ruth xxxx

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