Why I’m not changing my Privacy Policy

Since 1990.

We’ve been inundated, haven’t we? The world, her wife, rabbit and pet spider all wanting to know if they may stay in touch. All claiming they take our privacy seriously and have updated their policies and fixed their systems accordingly. Some need us to opt in, others ask us to click if we want to opt out, some require nothing of us at all.

Technically, this blog falls into the latter category. I’m hoping you’ll all stay aboard, and the option to opt out is included in every mail you receive when I post a blog. But I’m not making any changes at my end.

And here’s why.

I apply the same confidentiality ethics to this blog as I do within my company Copy Right AB. We don’t share information. Of any kind. Ever. Copy Right AB holds the written, expressed permission from one listed company to refer to them as a quality reference (our name is also in the back of their Annual Report every year, so no secret there) but that’s it.


Only this week, a colleague told me that Copy Right came close to losing a new client because she refused to be pushed into revealing our client list. The client chose us any way, and we will do our absolute utmost for that company, just as we do for all the others who have honoured us with their business.

But I would rather lose a prospective client than compromise the trust we have earned from our existing customers. And this policy has stood us in good stead since 1990.

So, my lovelies, if you enjoy my blog, please stay aboard. But don’t let the privacy policy enter into your decision.

Your email addresses are as safe as an unsinkable boat on dry land.

Hugs all round,

Ruth (& Watson – he insisted!)


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