Scotland has spoken – Long live England, N. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Great Britain


So the Scottish Independence Referendum returned a No vote and Scotland will remain a part of the UK. Now everything’s been said, it’s time everything is done.



It’s time to deliver pledges and adjust the balance between home rule and Westminster for the good folk of Scotland, with huge opportunity for respecting items on the Yes voters’ agenda. Win-Win. And obviously give the same brand of autonomy to the English, Welsh and Northern Irish, because there’s no benefit in merely shifting deep dissatisfaction across the border and pouring more oil on the flames of bitter friction. More home rule for one country should naturally mean more home rule for all, so when Westminster meets all voices will be heard and respected on matters of mutual interest and impact – and on equal terms.

Play our cards properly, and years from now this entire Scottish Independence Referendum chapter could be viewed as a pivotal point in our long history and a benchmark for political rejuvenation and cross-border cooperation.

It’s time to make Great Britain a Win-Win-Win-Win nation for all four countries.

Yes please.

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