Hammered, Nailed and Screwed



Well now, this book by American writer, Kathleen Hering, is so lowbrow it’s practically a beard. But boy, will it make you laugh. Out loud. In real life.

Dubbed ‘A designer mystery’, this crafty story revolves around the three delightful characters that comprise Graham Construction company – Laura Howard, widow of a recently murdered and cremated scumbag who is now leaving messages on Laura’s answering machine; Russ Graham, builder hunk and rare gentleman; and his astute old aunt, Esther, a perfectly politically-incorrect retired ER nurse.

Police come and police go as they try to solve the mystery of the deceased’s telephone messages and all the other crimes that punctuate the book between the more general ups and downs that befall an unaverage construction company.


The plot is pretty thin on the ground, more of a delicious excuse for witty dialogue and loveable individuals than a true whodunnit. But there’s enough there to make you care while rooting for Laura and Russ (oh yes, it’s a will they, won’t they? kind of romance) and chortling in agreement with Esther’s pithy tongue-in-cheek remarks.

Each chapter ends with an interior design tip. Some more useful that others.

All in all, this book is a grand night in. Pour the wine, open the chocolates and enjoy.

Then, if you enjoy Hammered, Nailed and Screwed as much as I did, there’s another treat in store. Ripped, Stripped and Flipped is one of those rare sequels that easily equals and almost outstrips (yes, I went there) its predecessor. The format is the same, but this book is sharper all round; plot, dialogue and a new set of unbelievably credible characters added to our original charming trio. So why not make a weekend of it?

Favourite quote from Hammered, Nailed and Screwed:
He tried the thought on for size, wearing it for a couple of minutes, but it didn’t fit.

Favourite interior decorating tip:
A patio makes a smoother transition to the yard than a deck. If you live on a houseboat, go for the deck.

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