Don’t do it, Hilary!

Photo shared by the Clinton family.

Photo shared by the Clinton family.


This would be my advice if the former First Lady of the USA asked me whether she should run for the next presidency. Not because she couldn’t do it, not because she shouldn’t do it, but because she doesn’t need to do it.





Whether or not we agree with her politics, we can all at least agree that Hillary Clinton has devoted her adult life to serving her country. Including standing by her philandering husband on the world stage.

She’s done more than her bit, to say the least.

So put your feet up, Hilary. Spoil your new granddaughter. Travel for fun with no agenda. Read a book you’ve been meaning to read. Take up a hobby you’ve always fancied. Write another book. And here’s a wild one – relax!

But don’t saddle yourself with an expensive political campaign that may land you in the White House until your mid-70s.

Grandchildren are life’s dessert. Enjoy!

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