A round of applause for today’s young talents

Stockholm Youth Symphony Orchestra

Stockholm Youth Symphony Orchestra

Sometimes, life presents one with an amazing, unexpected gift, such as the time my 4th grader announced she would like to have flute lessons. Duck met water. But little did I suspect, seven years ago, that I would now be blessed with a child at music school; watching her leave early in the morning to practice before lessons begin, wrestle to master particularly tricky passages, devote school holidays to music camps, then don black concert clothes and join 60 or so other young orchestra talents to deliver fabulous classical or contemporary pieces while having the time of their lives. Glorious, rich music that induces goose bumps and a swollen heart. I’ve suddenly become a teeny tiny part of a wonderful new world and gratefully added Flautist’s mother to my mental CV.

I watch these young people interact before and after a concert, marvelling at the positive energy and exchanges. Spontaneous words of encouragement or congratulations, freely given and gratefully received. Oh yes, there’s competition among those playing the same instrument, which is the way it should be, but credit is given where credit is due. Their interaction is inclusive and based on mutual understanding of the work involved to achieve this success.

And these are just some of the infinite number of music-oriented kids out there. Other young people are striving to change the world through arts and culture: working to become dancers, filmmakers, artists, photographers, or fashion designers.

Then we have the sporty kids who devote every waking hour to perfecting their backhand, or striker skills or puck control. The riders, the gymnasts, the athletes and all the other sports-mad youngsters who dream of representing their country as professional sportsmen or sportswomen.

The young computer nerds who push the technical boundaries in their bid to develop a groundbreaking game, a useful app or innovative business software. To become the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.

And perhaps the most laudable young talents of all; the ones with a knack for kindness, who are brave enough to stick up for bully victims, who are willing to share and help towards changing the world in their own smaller ways. Who cut their hair in support of a pal with cancer or donate a little pocket money to the poor. Who grow vegetables and donate the produce to shelters. Who watch the world news with an open heart and ask why?

Earlier this week I posted a blog on school shootings. I stand by every word.

Now I would like to give a round of applause to all the fantastic kids around the world. The ones seldom mentioned in the media. The ones who make me believe our arts, sports, technology and basic humanity are going to be in good hands.

I’m off to a candlelight flute concert this weekend. I’m willing to bet those youngsters will do us proud.

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  • Inez

    spot on! Nice! xxx

  • RuthKj

    Thanks, Inez!

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