A change really IS as good as a rest

Pippi 2

When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you’re anything like me, it’s been a while, and at this time of the year, with rain pounding the panes and the wind rendering brollies futile, cosying up with a coffee and cake by one of the season’s first log fires is infinitely more appealing than dragging one’s ass off the sofa or away from my desk and heading out to sample pastures new. Such were my feelings yesterday as I cast furtive glances at the sleeping cat, draped upside down in the comfiest chair in the house, and reckoned he’d got it all figured out. I could easily budge him up a bit and join him. Soooo tired.

But not a bit of it.

In a flash of inspiration one midnight, I had signed up for a basic 3-session course on Photoshop Elements at a local adult education centre. Day 1 had now arrived. Twas time to face the outdoor elements and the fact that I just might a) have trouble keeping up and b) be joining a purely senior citizen event, a notion based on the course being scheduled in the middle of the working day. I could easily live with either of these scenarios, but God forbid I was right on both accounts. My fragile tech-savvy ego would freeze or crash. Being a belt and braces kind of gal, the unknown is waaaay out of my comfort zone, and yet. I really did want to learn Photoshop Elements.

The little wooden building with the wonky floors and numerous small rooms was a beehive of happy activity. Courses were being held in French, on Family Tree research, computer programs and instruments. I was shown into a small room with guitars leaning against one corner and six chairs around one large table. Ample space for us four students and our teacher. It wasn’t university fancy, but it was more than good enough. And most of all, it was different to anything I had ever experienced before.

Introductions overs, we worked for two and a half solid hours. Wrestling to determine which tools were best suited to achieve the desired effect, my brain was getting a completely different kind of workout that was proving to be a better tonic than anything on the chemist’s shelf. No coffee, no yawning, no struggling to stay awake rather than succumb to a nap. Just a bottle of water and a convivial atmosphere. It all felt new. Interesting. Inspiring. And I liked it. Time flew.

I was far less tired driving home than I had been on the way there. My mind was racing with renewed energy and ideas. Batteries now fully charged, I was itching to return to editing my novel before heading out again to meet the ladies of a new book club. A long day had morphed into one that was both amazing and uplifting.

And what is probably one small click for most women was definitely one giant click for me. The blissful exhilaration at having successfully removed the monkey from Pippi Longstocking’s shoulder will see me through for days to come.

Turns out a change really IS as good as a rest.

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