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Thank you, Theresa May!

For any news junkie with an interest in history and politics, watching Sir Tim Barrow deliver the letter to the

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‘Likes’ for Obituaries?

  This blog is going to be very short and far from sweet. And I’d like to know what people

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A Sick Rescue Dog and an Unexpected Dilemma

The ad claimed he was a spelevink, a Swedish word meaning prankster, but I suspect that was rescue-dog-ad-speak for ultra-cute-pain-in-the-ass.

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Why writing a new novel is suddenly proving harder than writing my first

  Around four years ago, a debilitating bout of pneumonia successfully flattened me for the better part of three weeks.

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Agent to the Stars

  Whenever I’m recommended a darn good yarn by a reliable source, I add it to a special to be

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Carrying Albert Home/Med Albert i Baksätet

  Anyone who enjoyed Forrest Gump is going to relish this unlikely romp by American writer, Homer Hickam. As tall

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The Invisible Wall

Some books leave an indelible mark on the soul. The Invisible Wall by British-born Harry Bernstein is one of them.

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The Two Hotel Francforts

Truth be told, I picked up this gem of a story by American writer, David Leavitt, as my third choice

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